MRW when I hear that the KKK, Black Lives Matter, and Westboro Baptist Church are clashing outside of the Republican National Convention


Mod your Black Butler tags are so so gr8 omg


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So last ask made me check your Black Bulter tags and I’m sorry but how THE FUCK did you like ANYTHING to do with Black Butler 2???????

I assume you mean this tagBlack Butler 2 made a lot of mistakes, it wasn’t very good I will agree on that and yeah, I actually greatly dislike Black Bulter 2 but I stand by what I said. Alois Trancy is a wonderful and fascinating character. His backstory is so sad and it makes the way [...]

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MRW I am on a train and hear a bit of casual racism while I am sitting next to a black guy


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MRW my super friendly black neighbor talks to me like I’m black.


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MRW these 70’s rockers start dying and I’m seeing Black Sabbath in August.


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