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Black Butler 2 made a lot of mistakes, it wasn’t very good I will agree on that and yeah, I actually greatly dislike Black Bulter 2 but I stand by what I said. Alois Trancy is a wonderful and fascinating character. His backstory is so sad and it makes the way he is so understandable.

He’s one of those flawed characters that are terrible monster people but who was written well enough that he was also made sympathetic and that’s a pretty difficult thing to do.

There’s a lot of depth to Alois, a lot of layers. I wish he had had a better chance. In my opinion, Black Butler 2 should have made the end of season 1 real(not a fake out) and had Sebastian move on to Alois.

I think so much could have been done not only with that dynamic but it also would have given Alois the story he deserved….or maybe it should cut out Sebastian all together(sinful thing to say I know and I hate saying that because Sebastian is one of my all time favorite characters, like top 3 for sure but still) and just stuck purely with Alois and Claud(or perhaps dumped Claud and just made Hannah his demon). Alois didn’t deserve the bullshit story of Black Butler 2, he deserved his own story where he could be further fleshed out.

I don’t care if the story ended with him still being an evil demented brat or if it ended with him learning and becoming better but either way I think he deserved the spotlight and deserved a chance to become more demented or become a better person and not have been bogged down by fucking Ciel.

It greatly bothers me how often I see people shit on Alois, people get so caught up in their hate for Black Butler 2 that they’re blinded to the ONE good part of it.


In short, Black Butler 2 did indeed suck but Alois Trancy is a wonderful, layered, well-written and dark character who deserved so much better.


And Alois Trancy is better and significantly more interesting than Ciel.


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